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The following documentation is available for the CheckLog macro:
  • Arguments - Details regarding each argument including how to use it, default values, and valid values.
  • Example Issues - Example code that demonstrate some of the issues that can be caught by the macro. Some of these issues are difficult to identify or are rare, and I have tried to compile a list of the stranger examples.
  • Example Usage - Samples of how the macro can be used.
  • Header - The header of the macro, which includes all notes, argument descriptions, variables used, output, etc.
  • Issues Identified - A list of specific phrases that are associated with issues.
  • Issues Ignored - A list of specific phrases that are ignored for various reasons.
  • References - External references used in building the macro, many of which were used simply to identify issues.
  • Revisions - All of the revisions to the macro, from the header of the file.