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Issues Ignored

The following phrases are excluded from identification as issues. All keywords found in comments are excluded. However, CheckLog does not attempt to reconcile multi-line comments, which brings me back to the point above: avoid use of the keywords or mask their use. Masking the keywords in multi-line comments avoids identification of the comment as an issue. The specific messages excluded include variable messages, a couple of SAS-generated messages, and library messages which will result in more serious issues if they are used.

Variable Messages

  • “_ERROR_ = 0”
  • “IF _ERROR_”
  • “Set the error detection macro…”

SAS Messages

  • “The macro … completed compilation without errors.”
  • “Your system is scheduled to expire on...”
  • “Errors printed on page…”
  • "Unable to copy SASUSER registry to WORK registory..."

Library Messages

  • “Error in the libname statement…”
  • “Only available to users with restricted session privilege…”
  • “The account is locked…”
  • “Unable to clear or reassign the library…”
  • “Unable to copy the SASUSER registry to work registry…”
  • “User does not have appropriate authorization level for…”
The last set of library messages was excluded because in the environment in which I developed the macro, a default autoexec ran with SAS that assigned several libraries I did not have rights to access. Since I could not modify the autoexec or disable the attempt to assign these libraries, these messages were useless when identified as issues. Further, libraries may or may not be used in any given program, and if they are used, other errors will indicate the source of the problem.